Public Writing

My contributions to The Monkey Cage are here (at and here (at the Washington Post). In addition, I have had stints as a contributor to FiveThirtyEight, the Washington Post‘s Wonkblog, and YouGov. Here are pieces at other outlets:

“The 2022 midterms show just how stuck we are.” Time, November 2022. With Michael Tesler and Lynn Vavreck.

“If Democrats prevail during the midterms, TV advertising might have something to do with it.” The Conversation, November 2022.

“How Americans’ priorities explain abortion politics.” Princeton University Press Ideas. October 2022. With Chris Tausanovitch and Lynn Vavreck.

“A hard 2020 lesson for the midterms: Our politics are calcified.” Washington Post, September 2022. With Chris Tausanovitch and Lynn Vavreck.

“Racially charged protests were less politically polarizing in the past.” Washington Post, November 2021. With Michael Tesler.

“TV ads still win elections. And Democrats are buying a lot more of them.” Washington Post, October 2020. With Lynn Vavreck and Chris Warshaw.

“Negative views of Asian people have risen in both parties.” Washington Post, April 2020. With Robert Griffin and Michael Tesler.

“Surprisingly few voters think Trump cares about ‘people like me.'” Washington Post, March 2020.

“Why Trump isn’t getting credit from voters for good economic news.” Washington Post, December 2019.

“What Are Independents’ Burning Issues?” New York Times, December 2019. With Lynn Vavreck and Chris Tausanovitch.

“What Is Voters’ Priority? There’s a Way to Find Out.” New York Times, December 2019. With Lynn Vavreck and Chris Tausanovitch.

“The surprising second choices of Democratic primary voters upend political cliches.” Washington Post, December 2019. With Lynn Vavreck.

“Identity Politics Can Lead to Progress.” Foreign Affairs, February 2019. With Michael Tesler and Lynn Vavreck. (Part of an exchange about Francis Fukuyama’s “Against Identity Politics.”)

“Trump’s White Identity Politics.” Unherd, January 2019. With Michael Tesler and Lynn Vavreck.

“Will Harping on Immigration Do What Trump Wants It To Do?” New  York Times, November 2018. With Michael Tesler and Lynn Vavreck.

“Economic Anxiety Didn’t Elect Trump and It May Hurt His Party in the Midterms.” New York Times, October 2018. With Robert Griffin.

“Five Myths about the 2016 Election.” Washington Post, October 2018. With Michael Tesler and Lynn Vavreck.

“Gerrymandering Isn’t Evil.” Politico Magazine, June 2015. With Eric McGhee.

“Inconclusive Results.” Pacific Standard, January/February 2014. With Lynn Vavreck.

“Republicans Haven’t Lost Women.” Bloomberg View, 7 November 2013. With Lynn Vavreck.

“Will the 2014 Election Solve Anything?” CNN, 7 October 2013. With Lynn Vavreck.

“Scholarship in Public.” Inside Higher Ed, 29 August 2013. With Lynn Vavreck.

“We Are the 96 Percent.” New York Times, 24 September 2012. With Suzanne Mettler.

“Do Presidential Debates Really Matter?” Washington Monthly, September/October 2012. A follow-up to this piece is here.

“Republican Rules Are Not to Blame for Primary War.” Bloomberg View, 22 March 2012. With Josh Putnam.

“Will Obamacare Matter to U.S. Voters?” Al Jazeera, 5 March 2012.

“Midterm Postmortem.” Boston Review, 11 November 2010. With Eric McGhee and Brendan Nyhan.

“Dems Will Lose Seats But Not Why You Think.” New York Daily News, 28 May 2010. With Seth Masket.

“On Haiti, America’s Short Attention Span Strikes Again.” Salon, 30 April 2010.

“Political and Institutional Hurdles Prevent Serious Reform.” Boston Review, March/April 2010. With Sarah Binder and Andrew Gelman.

“On Spending, Conservatives Are Quite Conflicted.” Salon, 24 February 2010.

“Stories and Stats: The Truth about Obama’s Victory Wasn’t in the Papers.” Boston Review, September/October 2009. With Andrew Gelman. Our response to commenters is here.

“Why an Abortion Consensus Is Unlikely: The Strange Dynamics of this Hot-Button Issue.” New York Daily News, 22 May 2009. With Andrew Gelman.

“Who Listens to Bloggingheads?” Los Angeles Times, 13 July 2008. With Eric Lawrence.

“Patching Up the Parties.” Los Angeles Times, 25 May 2008.

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