Journal Articles

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“Stereotypes of Muslims and Support for the War on Terror.” 2013. Journal of Politics 75(3): 583-598. With Kimberly Gross.

“Watching from Afar: Media Consumption Patterns Around the Arab Spring.” 2013. American Behavioral Scientist 57(7): 899-919. With Sean Aday, Henry Farrell, Deen Freelon, Marc Lynch, and Michael Dewar.

“One Vote Out of Step? The Effects of Salient Roll Call Votes in the 2010 Election.” 2012. American Politics Research 40(5): 844-879. With Brendan Nyhan, Eric McGhee, Seth Masket, and Steven Greene.

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“Do Voters Perceive Negative Campaigns as Informative Campaigns?” 2010. American Politics Research 38(3): 502-530. With Matt Grossmann and Keena Lipsitz.

“Self-Segregation or Deliberation? Blog Readership, Participation, and Polarization in American Politics.” 2010. Perspectives on Politics 8(1): 141-57. With Henry Farrell and Eric Lawrence.

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“Can Institutions Create Unity in Multiethnic Societies?” 2007. American Political Science Review 101(4): 693-708. With Zachary Elkins.
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“The Consequences of Campaign Agendas.” 2007. American Politics Research 35(4): 465-488.

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“Remaking the House and Senate: Personal Power, Ideology, and the 1970s Reforms.” 2003. Legislative Studies Quarterly 28(3): 297-333. With Eric Schickler and Eric McGhee.

“Intergenerational Warfare: The Senate Decentralizes Appropriations.” 2000. Legislative Studies Quarterly 25(4): 551-575. With Eric Schickler.

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